This site is inspired by Icelab’s Today Icelab Learned. It’s written by me, Robert Coleman.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m a hacker, in the classical sense) - I enjoy working out what makes things tick and modifying them - software, hardware or mechanical.

By day (and night) I’m the CTO of an online retailer. Where I split my time between operations, logistics and technical.

I stick up my open source work at GitHub and GitLab.

I speak often and passionately, sometimes formally. I’ve given several talks at places like local meet-ups, Rails Camp NZ and Online Retailer NZ. Very occasionally I put my slides up on SpeakerDeck.

When not working I enjoy experimenting with my Sous Vide, Music, getting outside and I’m always on the look out for an excuse to travel!

I don’t have Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any of that stuff - so if you want to contact me drop me an email.

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