Gitlab-CI S3 Deployment

Jun 12, 2016  in TIL using tags gitlab , aws , s3 , hugo

I’ve just set up a new static site. It’s a single HTML page with a couple of images using the wonderful Hugo static site generator. I want to host it on Amazon S3, behind Amazon CloudFront CDN using a free SSL certificate from Amazon Certificate Manager. This should give me near infinite scaling, a solid infrastructure and very minimal price. In past I’ve used a more heavy duty static site generator Middleman and stuck a couple of commands from middleman-s3_sync in to a Makefile.
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I’m using Amazon ECS for some of my production Docker containers. I very recently started to use the GitLab Container Registry to privately host some images and do some fun automatic build things (it’s cool, like DockerHub Automated Builds but more flexible - check it out!).

To use this private repo with Docker on ECS you need to do some extra config…

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